I was initially not planning to follow any confinement practices. Most of them sound rather preposterous — not bathing because wind might enter your pores; not drinking plain water because it causes water retention (in fact, you should actually drink more fluids/water if you have water retention as it is exacerbated by dehydration); etc. I’m sure they made sense in the olden days when people had no access to clean, sanitary water, nor the luxury of heated water for bathing.

As it turned out, my mom’s nagging got to the better of me. She flew in together with my (elder) sister a few days after I was discharged, bringing with her all these chinese herbs and stuff. I know her intentions are good so I just played along. It saves me a lot of endless nagging and I didn’t want her to go back to Malaysia still worried about me. Most of her concerns were with my diet anyway, which I’m flexible to change since the normal meals here aren’t that fantastic to begin with — I ended up drinking up the longan with red date water and eating lots of steamed fish with ginger and herbal chicken soup. I have to say it was much better food, both in terms of taste and quality, than I had eaten for years since moving in with the in-laws, so it was a great relief to me. Mummy definitely knows me best =)

Anyway, I did end up compromising partly on the confinement practices.

  • I’m drinking the longan red date water but I also still drink plain drinking water.
  • I’ve tried my best not to bathe as often. Thankfully, the weather is cool enough for that to be possible. But I definitely shower as per normal, not with ginger or packs of herbs and what not. I’m busy enough as it is without having to get the maid to cook up buckets of strange water and bring up to the 3rd floor whenever I need a bath.
  • I definitely had to break the confinement rule about not going out since I’m visiting Calvin every day. I even went out to the mall in the first week coz I had to buy a cooler to bring milk to the hospital.

I don’t remember any other rules about confinement but I guess whatever they are, I probably broke them =)


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