Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Baby Calvin has been putting on weight very well  recently. At this rate, he will hit the 2 kg target in 2 weeks. But his suckling is still really weak and he can’t even finish one feed via bottle. Hopefully, as he grows bigger and stronger, he will have the stamina to finish all his feeds via the bottle. Once I bring him home, I’ll try to latch him on directly though I think he may not take to the breast any more after he’s been trained to drink from a bottle. I still feel so un-ready to have him home. Then again, I probably will never ever feel ready so any time is as good as any other. As Johnny likes to say “Babies are tough”.

After giving birth, I’ve slowly lost weight in the first week. Initially, my tummy was so flabby and I even saw some cat-claw like stretch marks which was rather dismaying. Somehow it managed to shrink as well and I can’t see the stretch marks any more after I religiously rubbed Vit E oil on them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they are gone for good though actually I’m fine living with them. It’s not like I go around showing with my tummy showing anyway. So far, I’ve lost 7kg of the 10kg I’ve put on during pregnancy but the last 3 kg is stubbornly clinging on. It doesn’t help that I’ve been eating a lot more recently. I’m reluctant to cut down on what I eat though in case it affects the milk production so I guess it’ll have to come down to exercising once we get settled in with baby Calvin.

Now if only I could transfer a few of those extra kgs to Calvin instead. The next pregnancy if I ever decide to go through with it, I’ll definitely try to put on more weight. That way, even if baby is premature, at least he’ll be well developed already. Ah, the things mothers go through for their baby. On the other hand,  I should probably just stop obsessing about all these weight numbers.


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