Week 5: Baby’s Home

So it’s only been one week since Calvin came home. It sure feels like a long time. We’ve been busy feeding, bathing, changing him and I was also struck by fever for two days. Not sure if it was because of mastitis or exhaustion or just a combination of both. Even Johnny was having a case of snufflies yesterday from lack of sleep.

The story is that Calvin was discharged on Friday, 18 Dec09. Finally, I get to put him in something other than the hospital outfit. But now we will be fully responsible for taking care of him.

On Feeding

He’s been on a 3 hourly feed in the hospital (thank goodness for that) but even then, that’s still two feeding sessions in the middle of the night – 2am and then 5am.  Johnny helps me with the 2am feed so I can have a longer period of uninterrupted sleep. I’m lucky that he’s an involved father. How do those women who have no help cope by themselves? As it is, I still feel sleep deprived.

As Calvin is still unable to breathe and feed at the same time, we have to pace his drinking by pulling out the teat after every 5-6 sucks. At the beginning, this made the feeds take really long because he would pout and refuse to take the teat in. Sometimes Johnny will take an hour to finish the feed after which they are both exhausted. I think we were just too concerned about him finishing his milk especially after fretting about his weight gain for a whole month. Now I’ve decided to take a more laissez faire approach – if baby falls asleep while drinking, we’ll let him sleep and then finish the feed later if possible. If not, we’ll try make up for it in the next feed. This way, both baby and us are much happier and stress-free.

It’s once again time for his next feed. Will check on both of them who are napping together at the moment. I’ll leave you with a picture of today’s happy baby.


One Response to “Week 5: Baby’s Home”

  1. Hui Ling Says:

    sooo cute! he looks really happy! 😀

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