Week 6: Growing Fusspot Alert

We brought him to a PD on Monday. He gained 500g in the 10 days since he came home. I’m really glad to see that he is thriving, at least that means we are probably doing something right. He seems to be doing fine but will need to continue with his checkups at the hospital – eye examination and cranial ultrasound because he had some bleeding in his brain when they did the first scan. I really hope he will turn out to be perfectly normal. We can’t help but worry about him all the time and I especially feel the guilt piling on that I gave him all these troubles because I wasn’t able to carry him to term. I guess most parents will worry about their children, no matter their circumstances.

He has become more and more demanding lately, fussing when he’s awake to get cuddles. He also hasn’t adjusted to sleeping at night yet so he’s actually most awake when we both want to sleep. It’s been a tiring few days when he just won’t go back to sleep after feeding in the middle of the night and just wants to be carried around. We tried laying him next to us but that just doesn’t satisfy the little fusspot at all. He just has to be carried and rocked around. Guess we must have spoiled him but I can’t really bear to hear his cries. I’ve started to become a great power napper. It’s definitely a skill that mummies with high need babies should have. Now I can lay down for snatches of 10-20 minute naps while baby Calvin is actually sound asleep. Hopefully this phase will be over soon, but I’m guessing it will probably continue for quite a few months to come.


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