First Adventure for Calvin and I

Today is the first time I ever went out with Calvin by myself. I had a post-natal gynae visit at KKH and Johnny is busy with work. Anyway, it was actually just a cab ride there, see my gynae and a cab ride back. Sounds simple enough to handle, but it was tiring all the same.

I started preparing to go out about 40 minutes before but it was still a mad rush to finish feeding him and also to pump out some milk for his feed later. I left the house at 11:30am and got there just in time for my 12pm appointment. However, there was a backlog of patients. After 15 mins, a nurse appeared and told us that the gynae had to handle a delivery! I finally got to see him at around 1pm. I pity my gynae as well. His day is so jam packed with patients and deliveries.

By the time I got home, it was 2pm and once again time for Calvin’s next feed. After feeding him and again pumping to avoid engorgement, I finally sat down to have lunch at 2:45pm. At least he didn’t poop and fuss lots when we were out. I was all prepared and brought diapers, towel, wet wipes and a change of clothes. It seems that going out is no longer as simple as just grabbing my wallet and keys…


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