Week 9: Sumo Baby!

Just came back from the hospital after his cranial ultrasound and to see the PD. As usual, KK is not the most efficient hospital and had us running around from 9:20am till 1:20pm. He had some mild bleeding in the brain at birth but thank goodness the latest ultrasound was normal.

And guess who’s been putting on lots of meat! He’s now 4kg and 50cm. According to the health booklet, he’s at the 97th percentile for his height. Does that mean that he’s obese now? =_=; Grow taller, baby, grow taller. The PD said he had good weight gain so it’s probably fine. I guess he was a little small to begin with and his weight gain will probably slow down from here. I certainly hope so or I might have to consider putting him on a diet!

I wonder if all parents feel the same way but when I look at other people’s kids I can’t help but think they are just not as cute as my Calvin! Haha! We’re definitely overindulgent parents. Then again his grandparents spoil him as well, always carrying him at the slightest whimper…


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