You No Take my Pacifier!

Recently, we introduced the pacifier to him as he’s been fussing more and more and sometimes just inconsolable. He’ll exihibit signs of wanting to suckle for comfort but since I can’t latch (not from want of trying) we decided to buy him a pacifier. We’ve read that it might not be good for teeth development if it’s used for a prolonged period so we’re planning to wean him off after 6 months or before 1 year old. By then he would hopefully be easier to take care of so I won’t be too tired to comfort him when he fusses. Right now, I’m constantly fighting sleep deprivation so it’s a blessing that he really takes to the Nuk pacifier that we bought. It was also a great help yesterday when he went for the cranial ultrasound and they needed him to be still.

Recently, he’s been showing more control of his limbs. Since I didn’t want him to be too dependent on the pacifier, I’ve been trying to take it from him after a few minutes and a few times, he actually used his hand to hold the pacifier in place! This picture was taken yesterday, can really see that his face is all rounded out now!

Don't take my pacifier!


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