Week 13: Less of a Sumo

We brought him for his pneumoccocal jab yesterday night and also to complete his growth assessment. As expected, his weight gain has slowed somewhat now that his folds are manifold (haha, pun intended). He is now 55cm and 5.2 kg. In fact some of the 0-3 month rompers are now slightly snug rather than drowning him completely when he first came home.

It was quite amusing when the doctor gave him his injection, coz he looked fine for about 3 seconds and then gave a totally delayed but very upset 5 second cry after that. Guess the chubby little thighs insulated him well. Either that or he’s not used to the sensation called pain yet?

About an hour after his jab, he seemed to be restless so his daddy picked him up and he threw up all over himself and Johnny! I could literally see the milk curds fly out of his little mouth in a projectile vomit. Poor little guy probably threw up about 1/3 of his last feed. He also seems very sleepy. He has started to sleep longer periods at night but today, he seems to be sleeping more than usual. I’m constantly trying to take his temperature, worrying that he might get a fever and burn his little brains out while I’m not noticing. But I still think it’s worthwhile to get him vaccinated as his immune system might not be well developed yet.


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