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Spending on Kids

March 27, 2010

Somehow now that we have a kid, I’m not excited to spend money on myself at all. Not that I was ever a spendthrift in the first place, but I have absolutely no interest in shopping, unless it’s at the kids department….At least last time, I would still go scour the sales for some interesting good buys. Gee, is this the beginning of the slippery slope of auntydom for me? Maybe it’s the reality of being a stay at home mum until the end of the year, not only would I not need any new clothes or shoes, I’m not earning an income anymore.

Now that we’ll be staying in Singapore at least for a while. I don’t have to put off those big ticket purchases anymore. So I’ll probably finally hunt for a stroller though I’m not sure how useful it will be. We’re quite happy with the ergo carrier so far but it’s a little difficult to eat with a baby at your chest. We certainly don’t want crumbs or hot soup dripping on him as we eat! I’m hoping a stroller will let us at least sit down and eat? Maybe I hoping for too much. He’ll probably just fuss and we’ll have to take turns carrying him around while the other person eats. Well, I’m eyeing the Maclaren Quest which is going for $199 at the taka fair but that’s ending on Sunday. We might have to rush down tomorrow to get it. Opps poor hubby, all tuckered out from NS and still have go run here and there with me.

Random picture of the Bumbo seat that I pinched

But I have to say I’m definitely very rational about my purchases, even for Calvin. Singaporeans always complain that it’s expensive to have a kid but I notice that so many parents buy all sorts of useless “wants” like this $50 bumbo seat.  The babies outgrow them very fast (~1-2 months?) esp if they have chubby thighs and frankly I don’t see a point in making them sit up when they are not ready. Merchants really know how to appeal to the parent’s “I want to give baby only the best” mentality. I’m so not spending $30-50 per outfit for a baby that will outgrow it in 3 months max. It’s probably a good thing that I have a baby boy as I wished instead of a girl, or she will definitely grow up looking like and perhaps acting like a boy 🙂

P.S: I’m finally getting the hang of dealing with his feeding problems. Now he eats exclusively in his rocker or lying down in his cot/ the sofa. I’ve also changed the teat to a faster flow and he seems ok with it. That’ll save us both some grief and at least he’s drinking a bit more now though he’s still a curious bear and prefers looking around to drinking milk.

All by Myself

March 24, 2010

As my other half just started his two week reservist, I’m now taking care of baby Calvin all by myself. It’s incredibly stressful especially since he’s been rejecting feeds recently and I’m not exactly sure why. Yesterday night, he was obviously hungry and screaming but when I put the bottle to his mouth, he would cry inconsolably and struggle to get the teat out of his mouth. I really don’t know why and it is so frustrating. I ended up having to keep the teat in his mouth despite his protests and he finally started to drink and slowly calmed down. I wonder if I’m just forcing him to feed when he doesn’t want to but he was clearly hungry. Sigh, I felt really bad about it, like I’m such a terrible mum. I wonder if he will develop some trauma about feeding.

Anyway, Johnny didn’t manage to get into the phd programs that he applied to. Guess we should have included some safety schools rather than just the top programs. The setback was a bit disappointing but it’s probably a blessing in disguise because I’m not sure I can handle taking care of a baby all on my own overseas. So we will most likely try again next year and see where that takes us.

I really can’t imagine having two kids now especially since we hate having a maid around the house. If we have another baby within 2-3 years, I’ll have to take care of a toddler and a baby at the same time. I think I’ll go insane. On the other hand, if we waited 5 years when Calvin is more independent, I can’t imagine having to start this whole process all over again. Plus the whole point of having more than one child was so that they have companionship. With the age gap so big, I doubt they would have much fun with each other. Plus, the selfish side of me is telling me that I really want to have my life back. I really do miss our couple time together. Now I’m just looking forward to Calvin being bigger and we can have family time instead.

Week 16: Happy Coos

March 13, 2010

Oops looks like I’ve been slacking off on the updates. Bad mummy, bad!

Last Tuesday, we went back to KKH for his follow-up check up. He’s now 5.75kg and 56 cm. No wonder I’m having a hard time carrying him. So far everything is fine.


We were so worried about his almost once-a-day projectile vomiting since 3 weeks ago after he took the pneumoccocal jab. He had also been drinking less than before and will sometimes cry hard for no apparent reason. We thought it was either this condition called pyloric stenosis (which would require corrective surgery) or acid reflux (stomach acid will occasionally surge up, causing pain). I even started to feed him half feeds every hour to try and relieve the symptoms. We asked the PD about it but she said it’s ok unless he throws up every feed and most likely not acid reflux. Miraculously, after the visit, what we though were his reflux symptoms seem to have vanished… Maybe he’s afraid of seeing doctors and getting jabbed!


Baby Calvin’s been cooing beautifully and becoming very talkative. He would drink half his milk and get distracted into beginning this wonderful conversation with me. Even though he actually wants to eat, he would start playing with the teat, spitting it out whenever I put it in but still opening his mouth wide after that asking to be fed. This will go on for like 10 mins until sometimes I get fed up with him and put him down in his rocker till he is ready to eat again. So feeding now takes at least 40 minutes instead of the usual chop chop 15 mins.

Play Time

After reading the singaporemotherhood forums, I learnt about this E.A.S.Y schedule which is eat, activity, sleep, your own time. This is supposed to help dissociate eating with sleeping otherwise next time he might not be able to sleep without eating. In the first month, we were always very careful to keep him asleep after eating since it’s so hard to get him to sleep. But actually I realize that once he plays enough, he actually sleeps much better. So much of my free time is now spent playing with him, supervising his tummy time or reading to him. And since he started sleeping more during the day, he’s somehow also quite chirpy during his awake hours. We used to have to carry him for a couple of hours before bed time. If we had to do that now, our arms would break and our knees buckle. As it is, I’m having a hard time carrying around for long >.<

Sometimes, he will also play by himself in his rocker. His favorite toy is this big yellow sunflower that he coos to. His arms will flail around and (unintentionally?) bat the flower around.

23 Feb - Calvin and his Sunflower