His Very First Flip!

This morning, he did his first flip. Or at least I guess it can be called a flip. Technically, he did go from being on his tummy to his back.

His neck muscle has grown really strong recently, all thanks to the oodles of tummy time I give him to try and tire him out. Previously, he could only hold his head up for a couple of seconds and it’s usually kinda wobbly. A few days back, he started supporting himself on the elbows and now he can see the world around him, he seems really pleased with himself.

So what really happened is that he’d push himself up o his elbows and then slowly topple to the side. Thankfully he’s on the sofa or in the cot so the little thump to his head doesn’t hurt at all. So then when he’s lying horizontally, he’ll slowly roll his lower body over and viola! he’s on his back! It’s kinda slow and turtle like but I’m sure he’ll be a flipping terror soon enough. I definitely cannot let him out of my sight anymore.

Anyway, will try and see if I can figure out how to upload videos.

Edit:  Looks like I have to upload to youtube to upload it. Too lazy to figure it out so here’s a picture of him doing tummy time. Just imagine that he toppled off from this position 😛

4 Apr: Tummy Time


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