Weight-y Issue and Our First Stroller Outing

Mini update on myself first: At almost 5 months after I gave birth, I’ve actually lost all the weight I gained during pregnancy…. and more. I’m not sure if I should give credit to the breastfeeding, the lack of sleep or the little 6 kg bub that I’ve been carrying around. I’ve definitely not been careful about what I’m putting in my mouth so diet is definitely not where it has helped. I’ve been downing lots of unhealthy snacks (think Tim Tams, assorted biscuits, Fruit Tips and whatever sweet stuff I can get my hands on) partly coz I’ve nothing better to do sometimes in between waiting for him to wake up and my pumpings. So I was rather surprised when I got on the scale and seemed to have lost 1 kg compared to pre-pregnancy.

Johnny needed some new clothes in a jiffy so we went to our usual haunt at Parkway Parade to shop. We were initially going to Marina Square but decided that would be too adventurous since he might fuss and not want to sit in his stroller for any length of time. Well, the good news was that we had a successful shopping trip 🙂 He stayed in there for the whole of 2 hours and even fell asleep long enough for us to sit down and have Mos Burger. Haha, the little things that delight us.


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