6 Month Update

Baby Calvin just went for his last 6-in-1 jab today. His weight is now 6.75kg and is 65.5 cm tall which is pretty decent height and weight gain. With this, it will be his last vaccination until he turns one.

Today is also the day he flipped from his back to tummy. He’s been trying it out for days. Then just as I went to clean up some minor spit up, I came back to find him on his tummy. I was trying to coax him to do it again so I can get it on video. Ah I didn’t really need to. He was so pleased with himself, he kept flipping to his tummy even when I was trying to get him to take his nap. I was getting a bit worried about his lack of flipping actually. He managed to get from tummy to back a few times a couple of months ago, but didn’t seem keen at all to replicate it. But I guess he didn’t have much incentive to do so since he loves being on his tummy. Now as long as I move slightly above and behind his head, he’ll try and flip to his tummy to look at me. Sooooo cute!


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