Becoming Mom

It’s true that you only start to understand how your parents loved you when you become a parent yourself. These days I like to reminisce about myself when I was young and wonder if my Calvin will be just the same. I remember sharing the bed with my mum and asking her to let me fall asleep first. And those mornings when I manja with my mum and ask her to piggy back me down the stairs. I also remember having a lot of different toys since I’m the last of the 3 kids, though not always in complete sets. My mum is the kind who wouldn’t bear to hit her kids, though she apparently scolded us so loudly, the whole street could hear her. It is a warm relationship I had with my mum since young and I hope that that’s how Calvin will remember his childhood days next time as well.

The past two nights, we experimented with playing with him before bedtime instead of trying to get him to sleep as soon as he eats. Usually he fusses and fusses and get all upset until he’s all tuckered out and falls asleep. It’s also tiring for us to sing his favorite “Twinkle, twinkle” for more than 30 mins while patting him and occasionally carrying him. Deciding to play with him and expend all that excess energy seems to be a good move. We had a lot of fun playing peekaboo on our bed. When he starts to look a bit sleepy, we put him back in his cot. He took about 10 mins to finally settle down but did not even fuss. It makes me happy that he seems contented. Sometimes when he’s all flustered, I feel bad that I can’t satisfy his needs. So hopefully this peaceful and happy bedtime will continue from now =)

30May: Oops messy hair...


3 Responses to “Becoming Mom”

  1. e* Says:

    wow.. you have lost weight! becoming a mom suits you! 😉

  2. miucat Says:

    Really? I didn’t think it was that obvious? At least compared to before becoming pregnant.

    Then again, the last time you saw me I was 5 months pregnant I think? 😛

  3. e* Says:

    haha… yeah that’s probably why! 🙂

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