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Starting Solids

June 28, 2010

When I first started Calvin on solids at 6 months of age, he wasn’t overly keen about it. He didn’t take to banana, papaya or sweet potato and I was getting a little put off that my efforts to make him the food were going to waste. (Admittedly, I rather enjoyed the sweet potato myself since he didn’t eat it) When he threw up from gagging on the sweet potato, I stopped giving him solids and decided to wait a while.

Finally, he decided to eat some pumpkin recently so I’m starting again with renewed zest. Today I tried carrot on him but I think it was at the wrong time because he was getting hungry and wanted his milk.

Yesterday, I was also trying to start on baby led weaning where you basically hand over a piece of food to the baby and let him play around with the food and feed himself rather than spoonfeeding him. The first try was a bit of a failure since I was deathly worried that he will choke on the bit of steamed carrot that he gummed off. Many advocates of baby led weaning said that if they are not ready, they won’t be able to use their tongue to roll it to the back of the mouth anyway. I’d still rather not leave it to chance. So guess it’s back to spoonfeeding him soft watery puree for now. But just for good practice, I’ve been giving him uncooked baby carrots to gnaw on. It’s nice and cold so it’s kinda like a teether for him. That should get him used to the taste of carrots? –> wishful thinking 🙂

No Rest for the Mom

June 25, 2010

I had a bad bout of stomachache yesterday. Not sure if it was something I ate but it was basically a bad pileup of gas. It started hurting in the morning and began to get worse as the day goes by. It didn’t help that I was super sleepy since I essentially stayed up since 4am.

In the afternoon, after a quick lunch, it was starting to get excruciating. To make matters worse, he was getting really fussy and wanted me to carry him around. I tried letting him complain to himself a bit on the bed (“Ek ek ek”, says he.) but we definitely have one stubborn baby in our hands. Relentlessly, he continued his complaining, escalating it until he was almost going to cry so I clench my teeth and started picking him up to walk about, all the while trying not to grimace at him in case he thought I was unhappy with him. That was probably one of the longest 5 minutes ever. Nothing compared to childbirth of course but that’s not something I’m planning to deal with anytime soon again. So finally I managed to put him to sleep and I fell comatose next to him and finally got to rest. Gee, it’s hard to be a mom. Thank goodness I’ve been healthy all this while and not fallen sick!

7 months – Calvin’s Antics

June 22, 2010

Before I forget these cute antics of his, these are the things he has been doing recently

– Pacifier Play

He’s remove the pacifier with his hands. Then put is near his mouth and gnaw on the back of the pacifier. Or put the teat part back into his mouth and chew/ suck. He seems to like to pull it out when he starts sucking on it so it make a loud ‘shoop’ sounds. He can do this for 5-10 mins.

– Laughing at…..

Himself at the mirror. Our faces as it moves closer and then back. We look away and suddenly look at him. His new highchair toy.

– Lie on his side and sleep

– Pull on his cot mobile toys while it’s moving

– Smacking his thighs and flapping his arms when he is excited.

– Rubbing his eyes

– Sit on his highchair for 10+ mins while we eat

– Finally eating some other semi-solid other than cereal. The winner goes to pumpkin! Losers were banana, sweet potato and papaya. I polish up all his leftovers as usual.

Supermom (not)

June 16, 2010

Sometimes, I get all depressed that I’m not the supermom that I’d like to be. I would wish I had oodles of patience and be able to hold and look at him lovingly even if he’s been the biggest handful I’ve ever encountered. I would wish that I could be more attentive and be able to read all his cues correctly – be it sleepy, hungry or just plain bored. Or that I could take care of him all by myself at night so my big baby can sleep more. Or that I would be more active in cooking and feeding him solids (but he doesn’t seem to like them =[ )

I guess I’ll have to accept what I’ve always known, that I’d never be a domestic goddess no matter how hard I try and just be the best that I can be. So called mothering instincts aside, we are not born knowing how to be perfect mothers. Or perhaps my idea of being a perfect mother is wrong. I mean babies were made to cry, it’s their only way of communication after all. It’s probably my own sense of incompetence and helplessness that gets in the way. Hearing him cry and not being able to comfort him and stop him from crying makes me feel like a failure. That in turn makes me frustrated and lose patience with him, which later makes me feel even worse about myself. Gee

If I’ve already made sure that he’s not in physical discomfort (i.e hungry, wet diaper, sleepy), I probably shouldn’t fret too much about him releasing some stress through crying. J says Calvin has a 3-second chocobo summon. When he cries, his mama chocobo will run over and appear in 3 seconds. >_< I guess I should cut myself some slack and also give little Calvin some breathing room as well.

The Night Shift

June 7, 2010

The new “Have-fun-till-we-drop” bedtime ritual was a success. Except that the past two days, his bath was a bit later than usual and he didn’t get to play much before 9pm. Which means he wasn’t too keen to sleep and by the time we manage to coax him to sleep it was well past his bed time. And he continued kept waking up crying for the hour after than maybe because he was overtired?

Anyway, he’s still waking up lot at night so we’ve settled for letting him take over our bed when he wakes up at night where he seem to sleep better. At least that’s better than sleeping on the sofa — for us I mean. Which also means that at any one time, one of us is sleeping in the room downstairs. Looks like he won’t be out of our bedroom anytime soon….

18May - Chomping Action

Introducing Solids

June 5, 2010

Last weekend, I finally bit the bullet and bought the Avent Combined Steamer and Blender. As the name suggests, this little beauty can steam the food and then subsequently puree it. I was initially thinking of buying a separate steamer and hand blender since that will have a longer useful life than this small baby food blender. To my dismay, I found that all the steamers in the market had plastic covers and there are no recycling labels on them so I suspect that most of them are not made of BPA free plastic (i.e Recycling number 1,2,4,5). BPA is a big deal as it’s supposed to have estrogenic properties — already sounds like a terrible thing for a baby boy to be subjected to — and has been shown to have adverse effects on animals. As BPA leeches out much more readily at high temperatures, the normal commercial steamers would be a major loophole in my grand plan. I was going to buy a rice cooker that could also be used to steam but those were too bulky, so in the end I settled for this specialty blender instead.

I only found out about this whole BPA free issue when I got pregnant but I’m a convert through and through. I’ve since changed all our drinking bottles to polypropene ones and tossed out all those mineral water bottles that was in the fridge. I’ve also been avoiding canned food when I can. I can’t stop the maid from cooking from canned food though since I don’t own the household. So far, Calvin has been drinking only from glass bottles. It’s a bit more expensive but I haven’t had a problem with it breaking *keep my fingers crossed* It would be quite silly of me to avoid plastic baby bottles only to introduce it to him via his solids.

So far, I’ve used my new gadget to make him papaya and sweet potato puree but it looks like he’s not really ready for texture yet. Yesterday, he gagged on some of the sweet potato and barfed up whatever milk was left in his tummy. Looks like no more sweet potato for him for a while. I happily finished up the rest of it as my afternoon snack. Maybe he’s just like his daddy — allergic to healthy food! He was fine with the cereal I’ve been giving him though so maybe I continue with that and slowly thicken it.

When it comes to his food, I’m starting to become a health nut. I’m already thinking of what I can cook for him next time so he will enjoy nutritious food. I guess me and J are not exactly the healthiest eaters. We definitely consume a fair amount of junk food. Now that there’s someone who will be looking up to us and picking up our habits, plus the fact that we will both hit the big 3 soon, I feel like we should look after our health. I guess the guilt from snacking lots everyday is getting to me. Planning to go for a health screening soon, most likely after I stop breastfeeding since I’ve heard that breastfeeding may increase cholesterol levels. I have a feeling it won’t be too great… … I really look forward to having my own place someday soon. It’s just different to cook in your ow kitchen. Definitely beats having scrutinizing eyes and hot breath down your neck.