The Night Shift

The new “Have-fun-till-we-drop” bedtime ritual was a success. Except that the past two days, his bath was a bit later than usual and he didn’t get to play much before 9pm. Which means he wasn’t too keen to sleep and by the time we manage to coax him to sleep it was well past his bed time. And he continued kept waking up crying for the hour after than maybe because he was overtired?

Anyway, he’s still waking up lot at night so we’ve settled for letting him take over our bed when he wakes up at night where he seem to sleep better. At least that’s better than sleeping on the sofa — for us I mean. Which also means that at any one time, one of us is sleeping in the room downstairs. Looks like he won’t be out of our bedroom anytime soon….

18May - Chomping Action


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