7 months – Calvin’s Antics

Before I forget these cute antics of his, these are the things he has been doing recently

– Pacifier Play

He’s remove the pacifier with his hands. Then put is near his mouth and gnaw on the back of the pacifier. Or put the teat part back into his mouth and chew/ suck. He seems to like to pull it out when he starts sucking on it so it make a loud ‘shoop’ sounds. He can do this for 5-10 mins.

– Laughing at…..

Himself at the mirror. Our faces as it moves closer and then back. We look away and suddenly look at him. His new highchair toy.

– Lie on his side and sleep

– Pull on his cot mobile toys while it’s moving

– Smacking his thighs and flapping his arms when he is excited.

– Rubbing his eyes

– Sit on his highchair for 10+ mins while we eat

– Finally eating some other semi-solid other than cereal. The winner goes to pumpkin! Losers were banana, sweet potato and papaya. I polish up all his leftovers as usual.


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