No Rest for the Mom

I had a bad bout of stomachache yesterday. Not sure if it was something I ate but it was basically a bad pileup of gas. It started hurting in the morning and began to get worse as the day goes by. It didn’t help that I was super sleepy since I essentially stayed up since 4am.

In the afternoon, after a quick lunch, it was starting to get excruciating. To make matters worse, he was getting really fussy and wanted me to carry him around. I tried letting him complain to himself a bit on the bed (“Ek ek ek”, says he.) but we definitely have one stubborn baby in our hands. Relentlessly, he continued his complaining, escalating it until he was almost going to cry so I clench my teeth and started picking him up to walk about, all the while trying not to grimace at him in case he thought I was unhappy with him. That was probably one of the longest 5 minutes ever. Nothing compared to childbirth of course but that’s not something I’m planning to deal with anytime soon again. So finally I managed to put him to sleep and I fell comatose next to him and finally got to rest. Gee, it’s hard to be a mom. Thank goodness I’ve been healthy all this while and not fallen sick!


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