Starting Solids

When I first started Calvin on solids at 6 months of age, he wasn’t overly keen about it. He didn’t take to banana, papaya or sweet potato and I was getting a little put off that my efforts to make him the food were going to waste. (Admittedly, I rather enjoyed the sweet potato myself since he didn’t eat it) When he threw up from gagging on the sweet potato, I stopped giving him solids and decided to wait a while.

Finally, he decided to eat some pumpkin recently so I’m starting again with renewed zest. Today I tried carrot on him but I think it was at the wrong time because he was getting hungry and wanted his milk.

Yesterday, I was also trying to start on baby led weaning where you basically hand over a piece of food to the baby and let him play around with the food and feed himself rather than spoonfeeding him. The first try was a bit of a failure since I was deathly worried that he will choke on the bit of steamed carrot that he gummed off. Many advocates of baby led weaning said that if they are not ready, they won’t be able to use their tongue to roll it to the back of the mouth anyway. I’d still rather not leave it to chance. So guess it’s back to spoonfeeding him soft watery puree for now. But just for good practice, I’ve been giving him uncooked baby carrots to gnaw on. It’s nice and cold so it’s kinda like a teether for him. That should get him used to the taste of carrots? –> wishful thinking 🙂


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