Out Damned Spot

I have to admit, ever since I started reading this book – Slow Death by Rubber Duck, I’ve been  obsessed about all the chemicals I’ve been ingesting and putting on myself. While I was pregnant, I read up all about BPA and have been actively avoiding all canned food and checking recycling numbers on plastic containers (4, 5, 1,2, all the rest are bad for you).

When I read about how phthlates, which is chemically similar to hormones just like bpa, exists in many fragrances, I was thankful for my sensitive nose and skin which made me avoid buying and using many strong smelling products. I’m glad too that I’ve been so lazy about using perfume that the bottle of DKNY be delicious is still sitting there 90% full after 5 years. Where I couldn’t completely eliminate scents though was the bathroom, which was full of cheap toiletries bought from the neighbourhood sundries shop. I went completely nuts reading all about which bath products are safer on the Environment Working Group (EWG) site

Finally, after two days of tireless research, I finally ordered USD75 worth of toiletries to replace the shampoo, bodywash and soap in my bathroom with unscented organic ones. (Admittedly, a big chunk of the cost was for shipping. These bottles of stuff are heavy!) Now I’ll have to wonder about what to do with the half used bottles.

I used to pooh pooh when I read about people who are obsessed with everything organic and now ironically I seem to have turned into one of them. Well, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m breastfeeding, I would probably have hesitated and deliberated a little longer but just the idea of weird chemicals going into his milk is enough to freak me out. I’m probably still exposed to much more chemicals than I would like but I don’t own this house so I’ll just have to make do with cutting down where I can control it. The things mothers do for their babies! How can I not try and protect this cute and cheeky little monkey?


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