Progress Check: KK Checkup

We went for his regular checkup at KKH again. He passed his hearing test and had a lot of gunk cleared out of his ear in the process. (He made the doctor change the disposable ear piece twice for one ear. lol).Seems like he’s still anemic but blood count is higher than the last round. So we’ll still have to continue giving him his ‘chocolate’ milk every day for now. He hasn’t been putting on much weight though even though his milk intake is respectable now. Anyway, there’s nothing I can do to force him to drink more when he doesn’t want to. He’s been rejecting solids as well, so that’s not where I can increase his caloric intake either. Oh well, guess he will grow at his own pace.

Spinning Around

Recently, he’s been moving himself round and round both on his back and his tummy. It’s starting to get dangerous to leave him alone on the bed. Think we might have to ‘downgrade’ him onto a mattress on the floor soon. Does this mean one of us will be sleeping on the floor as well?


Now I seriously see the signs of teething. He’s been very eager to chomp on the iced teethers. And I thought my impulse buy was a total waste of money when he showed no interest in it last time. Now it looks like I need more of those since the teethers become warm pretty fast. From the way he puts things in his mouth, he should be able to feed himself quite well if only he were interested to do so. It’s a pleasure to see him gnawing away happily. His stool has also became super watery…. yuck. It’s a big pain when poo leaks out all over the place.

Sitting up

He’s been able to sit up by himself now. He loves playing with the stacking cups when he’s sitting. Not stacking of course. More like banging them together, whacking us if our hand crosses his path or hitting his own thigh. He’s plenty strong and it really hurts when he hits us. I wonder why he doesn’t cry when he hits himself…. He’s also showing great curiosity towards everyday things, like the empty chocolate wrapper, the bed rail, aircon remote control, my hand…… Gah, he loves sucking on my hand and leaving it all slobbery. Add that, together with pulling my hair, to the list of abuses he piles on me!


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