Saying “No” to Maids

I have to admit, I’m never comfortable around maids. In my home, all the housework was done by my mom. I used to help out a little when I was young, though quite evidently not in the kitchen as you can see from my abysmal cooking skills. (I finally perfected the fluffy scrambled eggs recently. Yay me…). I feel awkward having a stranger in the house.I’m just not eager to sacrifice my privacy for a cleaner house. I’d rather buy automated gadgets to do the vacuuming or dish washing, thank you.

I also don’t trust any maid to take care of my Calvin. I have read enough horror stories about maids abusing kids, but that’s not really the reason. I’m sure those are the exception rather than the norm. Laziness, however, is a universal vice. On our daily after dinner walks, we’ve seen at least two maids who are supposedly taking the dog out for a walk – one of them just sits down on a bench at the park, chatting on the phone while the dog sits next to her forlornly; The other one ties the dog up at a tree opposite the prata store while she goes to the store and chit chat with her boyfriend or something.I did hear that some maids will just pour away the milk/ semi-solids if the child doesn’t eat and pretend that the baby has been fed.

Even if we were lucky enough to get a really earnest, hardworking maid, I don’t really want my child to be attached to her. After all, caring for a child isn’t just about meeting basic needs, it’s about teaching him my beliefs and values. Sorry to say that I just don’t want my kid to pick that up from a maid.

Anyway, even though my MIL gave the maid a raise to purportedly help with Calvin, the maid is too busy catering to the whims of his parents to even have time to clean our rooms regularly or do the laundry promptly. I’m happy with taking care of my little bub myself, even if he tires me out incessantly.


2 Responses to “Saying “No” to Maids”

  1. e* Says:

    yeah… i agree that i wouldn’t like a live-in maid – which an alien concept for the vast majority of the people here anyway (except for the uber wealthy)
    but i’d definitely get a weekly/twice-weekly (or everyday, if i can afford it or have 20 kids!) drop in (or live-out) cleaner!

    • miucat Says:

      Yeah, except I might probably do a pre-cleanup before the cleaner comes to avoid the embarassment of showing an utterly messy house to someone else, which somewhat defeats the purpose of hiring a cleaner in the first place.

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