Parenting Anxiety

Without a doubt, most parents try to do their utmost for their kids. The problem though is not knowing what that really entails. And in comes the marketing peeps with their so called ‘experts’ who hone in on these insecurities and tell you, “Hey, our products will make your baby smart”. Gullible parents will come in droves to buy those baby Einstein DVDs.

Then again, some of the things being sold just go right down the road of the bizarre. I mean I saw something on Amazon that’s supposed to help you remember when you last fed and change the baby. (Just USd20. Get yours now!) The scary thing is that  I see a few hundred positive reviews for it. I’m sure my excel spreadsheet works just fine if I really need to keep track. There’s also some other silly and even creepy contraptions like a fake pair of hands to trick the baby think it’s being held or baby wipes warmer. There really is a market for anything out there….

I told myself I wasn’t going to be one of those parents caught up with all the hype like playing prenatal Mozart music or putting him through random enrichment classes. Well, I still stand by that. Which is why I’ve been doing a lot of research on what toys to buy. I just don’t want to spend a fortune on random toys only to have him flit through them like the pages on a trashy magazine. We’ve also consciously tried to avoid electronic, plastic pieces of noise since we both don’t really like those very much.  Shucks, it really seems that I’ll turn up to be a hippy mum who buys only wooden toys or something.

I also told myself while I should monitor his progress, I wouldn’t be obsessed with milestones. I’ve been getting worried recently that he might turn out autistic. Many premature babies do end up with autism and boys also have a higher chance of being autistic (in US, I think the states is  one in 94) so the stats are not stacked in his favor. I certainly hope that I’m just paranoid and he’ll turn up a normal, happy baby boy. He’s definitely a social boy though, which is a relief. He would smile happily at the maid or my in laws; he’s utterly delighted when he sees me; he makes eye contact frequently; he giggles cheekily at our clownish antics (His recent favorite is me making a mock serious face and tell him it’s “Serious business”)

He doesn’t seem to babble that much though. He’s made some ‘ha’ and ‘gurl’ sounds but I thought most babies go ‘bababa’ or ‘mamama’ or ‘dadada’?  And most of the time, he’s still cooing rather than babbling. So he may be slightly slow in his verbal skills. I’ve been consciously talking to him face to face and reading to him when I can, though it’s probably time to get him (or rather me) some new books. After reading through the same few cloth books we have, the phrases ‘It’s not an ant, a snail, or slug; It’s spotty dotty lady bug’ is getting kinda stuck on repeat mode in my head.


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