Toy Shopping

There was a sale at the distributor at Chai Chee. They carry the Sassy and Tiny Love line of products, some of which I’ve been eyeing for a while. Tiny Love and Tolo are two of my favorite brands of toys because at least I know they use safe plastics, if any. Plus, Calvin has loved his cot mobile and play gym by Tiny Love so much. Sassy is ok, except they do have some products that contain BPA which sent me into a frenzy of checking what materials they are made with in the middle of the night. To my dismay, the rattle I wanted to get for him was made with polycarbonate (which leeches BPA). I find it really annoying that so many toys are still contain unsafe chemicals and I have to do so much research before buying a simple toy. That’s also one of the reasons why I try to avoid plastic toys.

This distributor is literally a 15 minute walk away so we set off (in a car, not by foot) after he woke up from his nap yesterday. It was probably my lucky day. Just as we stepped into the display area, I saw two things that I’ve been wanting to buy for the longest time – the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes and Tiny Love’s Ozzie Orange. To top it off, they were on clearance and heavily discounted! To think I almost bought the Baby Einstein toy for USD10 from amazon and that’s before the exorbitant shipping from the US. I really felt like I struck gold there and was really thrilled for the whole day!

We also bought a couple more teethers and small toys for him. He’s really into chilled teethers recently. It’s kinda ironic that I paid the least for what I really wanted and then went on to spend more money on marginally interesting toys that I thought he might like. Well, what I was going to pay for those two toys alone made up 80% of the cost of my entire shopping cart of 6 items so it’s all good. Shucks, I can be such an aunty when it comes to getting a good bargain…

16 Jul - Whoa, more toys for me?


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