Progress Check: 8 mths


On a more positive note, he finally ate some mushed up banana yesterday! He actually eagerly chomped it up instead of scrunching up his face with the ‘what’s this thing in my mouth’ look. Hopefully he’ll find more food that he likes. He’s been chewing very nicely on his teething rusks and teethers so I can tell that if he has the inclination to, he can actually feed himself with his hands. Even when he’s just gnawing on the rusk, it’s a great big mess though.

Sitting up:

He’s getting quite steady at sitting up by himself unassisted. He still tilts and topples of course, but he can sit up and bang his stacking cups around or chew on his teether for a couple of minutes when the mood is right.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment. More to come when I get this mummies brain working. Gonna go back to sleep.

So more cute things that he does….

With his Pacifier:

He’s now adept at removing his pacifier and putting it back. His pacifier is shaped such that it has to be facing a certain direction, so he will keep trying. If it’s the wrong side, he’ll spit it out and try again. So by trial and error, he will manage to get his pacifier back in. Too bad he does this for entertainment. If only he will do it at night and stop waking us up to look for his pacifier 🙂

This afternoon, he flipped to his tummy with the binkie still in his mouth. It dropped out and guess what the little fella do? He bent his head down, opened his mouth wide and put it right back in his mouth. I laughed like mad after that. He looked at me, pacifier in mouth and laughed as well. Such a sweet and silly little turtle.


His cradle cap kept coming back. After he scratched himself hard the other day, we finally brought him for his first haircut. I have to say kids’ haircuts are exorbitant! It was $20 for a simple head shave, which took less than 2 minutes. Jeez. Anyway, he’s now a little botak boy. I love to stroke his little head of fuzz now!


He still loves sleeping on his side. Not sure if he’s having separation anxiety but he definitely loves to hold on to our arms like a bolster when he falls asleep. When I try to sneak off after he falls asleep, he will grab on tight and I have to slowly ease myself out.

29 Jul: Botak Boy


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