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Humpty Dumpty Back to His Cot

August 28, 2010

For a while now, little bub has been sleeping on the bed for both his naps and at night. Our bed is the type that comes with a fixed indentation for the mattress, so we’ve been unable to put up a safety rail. So the only barrier between him and the floor is a bolster and a few pillows. I guess it was an accident waiting to happen and true enough, he fell from the bed on Wednesday when he again quietly woke up from his nap and started flipping around by himself. My heart dropped when I heard a loud thud from the other room followed by his inconsolable wailing. I scooped him up and hugged him tight for the next few minutes and he managed to calm down. To my relief, I did not even find a red area on his head or body and definitely no big swollen bump on the head. We conjectured that we might have lucked out and he slid off feet/bum first down the bed. He’s been active and normal so far so I think he’s fine.

Since that evening, we decided not to take any more chances and started to let him sleep in his cot again. We were prepared for violent protests and what not, but it turned out that he now likes it and falls asleep quite well. It could be because we moved the cot right under the fan now. Unfortunately, he still wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night. I guess it was too much to hope that sleeping in the cot would change that =)

Drinking like a Pro

August 23, 2010

He started sucking on his lower lips last week and looked like he is deep in thought all the time. It’s extremely cute. Unfortunately, he seems to have gone over this fad and I didn’t manage to take a picture of him doing it. Darn!

In a moment of inspiration, I thought that maybe he would start drinking from a straw since the mouth movement is similar. So when I went to the Taka baby fair last weekend, I picked up a Pigeon Mag Mag straw cup. The straw is made of soft rubber and only a tiny portion sticks out so he won’t be able to hurt himself by ramming the straw in his mouth. So I tried it on Sunday and viola, this boy is a genius when it comes to drinking! He took a few sucks at it and managed to take a few good sips from the cup. I’ve read about other parents having to slowly train their babies to drink from a straw much later so I was really surprised that he knew what to do without any real prompting from us. Well, not exactly the most important skill in the world but I’m still so proud of him =)

I Fail at Being a Minimalist

August 21, 2010

I was so determined that I would not buy him any more toys except for classics like stacking rings, shape sorters, bead coasters and blocks. And most importantly they would all be wooden ones. This was even before the recent news that many toys found in Singapore were found to have excessive levels of phthalates and/ or lead.

A test of 50 toys conducted by CASE in July 2010 found that 23 of them (46%) failed chemical toxicological tests and were found to contain higher than permitted levels of phthalates, lead or both. The permitted levels on phthalates and lead were determined using US and international regulatory standards. These standards were used as Singapore does not have a test standard for toy safety. (Source:

Phthalates are used to soften plastic so it’s best to avoid any plastic that is pliable. This is especially true for bath toys. Even if these toys pass the US and international regulatory standards, their standards are based on some arbitrary number for part per million (ppm). Frankly, for a baby, ingesting any of these chemicals is one part too many especially when they like to mouth anything in their path or suck on their hands after touching things. If I could help it, I would avoid made-in-China (MIC) toys altogether since most of the problem items originate there altogether but that would probably mean he wouldn’t have very many toys at all. Even for wooden toys, many of them are MIC and I’m wary of those not so well known brands because the paint may well have lead in it. So in the end, I decided only to buy the brands which I’ve found to be more reputable and have  good safety standards i.e no lead recalls, no phthalate, no pvc, no bpa. This basically eliminates most of the popular brands like Fisher Price, Playskool and Vtech. So far, the only brands I really liked were Tolo and Tiny Love.

It’s no big loss because most the Fisher Price type toys are electronic toys with their fit inducing flashing lights and annoying teeny voice, which most kids get bored of after a week. One of my rules in buying toys is if it needs batteries, it’s not gonna get bought. Admittedly we already own some of those and they are well loved – Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, Munchkin Mozart Cube, Tiny Love Carousel and his Tiny Love Cot Mobile which I’ve sold off cheap to another mummy on the forums. Any new toys that needs batteries will definitely undergo some close scrutiny and soul searching (aka the-does-he-really-need-it test)

As I was saying, I was planning not to buy any more toys for him for a while because I find that he is more interested in playing with us than in his toys. They might entertain him for a while when I’m busy but human interaction is definitely much preferred. I didn’t want him to end up being overwhelmed either. With too many toys, he might flit from one toy to another and won’t have the concentration of a fly to focus on exploring just one thing for an extended period.

So when I went to the baby fair today, I was in a bit of a pinch since I saw the Tolo First Friends Carousel on sale at $25. I was eyeing it previously but it was a little pricey. In the end, I gave in and bought it anyway. Gah, I’m just a big sucker when it comes to buying toys. So looks like my plan to be more minimalist might not work out as well as I thought, but looking at him enjoying the toys I buy for him is such a great joy. And so far most of his toys I picked out have lasted him a couple of months at least =)

17 Aug: I like my Toys. Ahm!

Charming My Socks Off

August 17, 2010

Calvin is such an irresistibly charming baby. He was quite fussy last week and just as we were starting to wonder if we should let him fuss by himself sometimes, he turns his charm on me and I can’t help but ‘spoil’ him even more. (You really can’t spoil a baby by loving him too much.) So what silliness is he up to now?

1. Stand up like a man

He just loves to stand up, with our support of course. In fact, I think it might be because of his need to stand up and look around as opposed to lying down and play with his toys that made him all fussy last week. Though I wanted to avoid electronic/ plastic toys, I succumbed and bought a cheap 2nd hand exersaucer not so much for the toys but so that he has a safe place to stand up and play in when I need to get things done. At least this one doesn’t come with flashing lights and annoying teeny music. It’s a very basic Safety First exersaucer with mostly mechanical toys. As expected, he reveled in his new found ‘freedom’ to stand and peer around. But at this rate, it looks like he will probably walk first before he crawls, even though I’m still trying my best to give him tummy time to let him bear some weight on his arms and strengthen those bingo wings of his.

15 Aug: Exersaucer

2. Finally taking to solids….I hope?

Well after that time when he ate some banana, I fed him some solids on and off but it was a bit difficult. Firstly because he was fussy and hated being confined in his rocker. We got another ikea high chair to put upstairs so I can feed him properly. And for now, I’ve also given up on making my own baby food and bought some Gerber jar food over the weekend. One of the main reasons was because he hates having any lumps in his food and I’ve always had to push his food through a strainer to make it a nice consistency. That was really tiring and time consuming. And when he just takes one mouthful and gives me THAT look, it’s kinda discouraging. So I thought why not let him have some nice creamy jar food until he’s willing to take a bit more texture. And viola, he loved his very first jar food which was prune! He’s one big messy eater though coz he likes to grab the spoon and push it into his mouth. Look at all those prune-y paw prints on the tray!

16 Aug: Yum, finger licking good

Well, another reason was because I suspect that the food I make is not yummy? Like maybe I did not cook it well enough etc so I kinda wanted to taste and see how the jar food is like. Ah excuses, excuses, I just wanted to have it a bit easier and ease my stress over him not taking solids 🙂

3. His very sweet and lovely chuckling! How I hope he will continue to give us that silly grin for the rest of our lives.

Fill and Spill

August 7, 2010

Oops, just realized that I make tons of grammar mistakes in my old posts. Especially those times when I change my mind mid-sentence and i leave the previous portion hanging in there like a guest who overstayed it’s welcome. It doesn’t help that I don’t read through what I write when I’m done. I’m surprised that the grammar police hasn’t come knocking on my head yet 🙂

It’s been really fun playing with Calvin now that he can sit u

p unassisted. We still place pillows behind him of course since he sometimes think of falling backwards as a fun game to play… Apart from finally learning how ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘Pat a Cake’ goes and

singing that to him, we’ve been playing spill and fill with him. Or rather we fill the bag full of soft blocks and spill it on him and repeat while he excitedly flaps his hands and squeals in delight! Or building towers of blocks and cups for him to swipe and destroy. He’s our little destructi-con all right (as opposed to constructicons in Transformers).

Hugo the Hedgehog

I also bought him some more soft toys. I just couldn’t resist these cute Grannimals by Latitude Enfant. Just look at this cute hedgehog and definitely check out this video! We also bought the mouse toy but he definitely takes to Mr Hedgehog much more. Maybe it’s because he likes to grab the head of hair. Well, better his hair than mine!

P.S: On a totally unrelated note, I seem to still be slowly losing a little weight. I don’t think I’ve ever been this light since lower secondary. I have this blue sundress that I bought long ago, and it seems to hang better on me now than before. Woot…except it’s probably going to all come back after I stop breastfeeding. Better enjoy it while it lasts 🙂