Fill and Spill

Oops, just realized that I make tons of grammar mistakes in my old posts. Especially those times when I change my mind mid-sentence and i leave the previous portion hanging in there like a guest who overstayed it’s welcome. It doesn’t help that I don’t read through what I write when I’m done. I’m surprised that the grammar police hasn’t come knocking on my head yet 🙂

It’s been really fun playing with Calvin now that he can sit u

p unassisted. We still place pillows behind him of course since he sometimes think of falling backwards as a fun game to play… Apart from finally learning how ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘Pat a Cake’ goes and

singing that to him, we’ve been playing spill and fill with him. Or rather we fill the bag full of soft blocks and spill it on him and repeat while he excitedly flaps his hands and squeals in delight! Or building towers of blocks and cups for him to swipe and destroy. He’s our little destructi-con all right (as opposed to constructicons in Transformers).

Hugo the Hedgehog

I also bought him some more soft toys. I just couldn’t resist these cute Grannimals by Latitude Enfant. Just look at this cute hedgehog and definitely check out this video! We also bought the mouse toy but he definitely takes to Mr Hedgehog much more. Maybe it’s because he likes to grab the head of hair. Well, better his hair than mine!

P.S: On a totally unrelated note, I seem to still be slowly losing a little weight. I don’t think I’ve ever been this light since lower secondary. I have this blue sundress that I bought long ago, and it seems to hang better on me now than before. Woot…except it’s probably going to all come back after I stop breastfeeding. Better enjoy it while it lasts 🙂


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