Charming My Socks Off

Calvin is such an irresistibly charming baby. He was quite fussy last week and just as we were starting to wonder if we should let him fuss by himself sometimes, he turns his charm on me and I can’t help but ‘spoil’ him even more. (You really can’t spoil a baby by loving him too much.) So what silliness is he up to now?

1. Stand up like a man

He just loves to stand up, with our support of course. In fact, I think it might be because of his need to stand up and look around as opposed to lying down and play with his toys that made him all fussy last week. Though I wanted to avoid electronic/ plastic toys, I succumbed and bought a cheap 2nd hand exersaucer not so much for the toys but so that he has a safe place to stand up and play in when I need to get things done. At least this one doesn’t come with flashing lights and annoying teeny music. It’s a very basic Safety First exersaucer with mostly mechanical toys. As expected, he reveled in his new found ‘freedom’ to stand and peer around. But at this rate, it looks like he will probably walk first before he crawls, even though I’m still trying my best to give him tummy time to let him bear some weight on his arms and strengthen those bingo wings of his.

15 Aug: Exersaucer

2. Finally taking to solids….I hope?

Well after that time when he ate some banana, I fed him some solids on and off but it was a bit difficult. Firstly because he was fussy and hated being confined in his rocker. We got another ikea high chair to put upstairs so I can feed him properly. And for now, I’ve also given up on making my own baby food and bought some Gerber jar food over the weekend. One of the main reasons was because he hates having any lumps in his food and I’ve always had to push his food through a strainer to make it a nice consistency. That was really tiring and time consuming. And when he just takes one mouthful and gives me THAT look, it’s kinda discouraging. So I thought why not let him have some nice creamy jar food until he’s willing to take a bit more texture. And viola, he loved his very first jar food which was prune! He’s one big messy eater though coz he likes to grab the spoon and push it into his mouth. Look at all those prune-y paw prints on the tray!

16 Aug: Yum, finger licking good

Well, another reason was because I suspect that the food I make is not yummy? Like maybe I did not cook it well enough etc so I kinda wanted to taste and see how the jar food is like. Ah excuses, excuses, I just wanted to have it a bit easier and ease my stress over him not taking solids 🙂

3. His very sweet and lovely chuckling! How I hope he will continue to give us that silly grin for the rest of our lives.


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