Drinking like a Pro

He started sucking on his lower lips last week and looked like he is deep in thought all the time. It’s extremely cute. Unfortunately, he seems to have gone over this fad and I didn’t manage to take a picture of him doing it. Darn!

In a moment of inspiration, I thought that maybe he would start drinking from a straw since the mouth movement is similar. So when I went to the Taka baby fair last weekend, I picked up a Pigeon Mag Mag straw cup. The straw is made of soft rubber and only a tiny portion sticks out so he won’t be able to hurt himself by ramming the straw in his mouth. So I tried it on Sunday and viola, this boy is a genius when it comes to drinking! He took a few sucks at it and managed to take a few good sips from the cup. I’ve read about other parents having to slowly train their babies to drink from a straw much later so I was really surprised that he knew what to do without any real prompting from us. Well, not exactly the most important skill in the world but I’m still so proud of him =)


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