Humpty Dumpty Back to His Cot

For a while now, little bub has been sleeping on the bed for both his naps and at night. Our bed is the type that comes with a fixed indentation for the mattress, so we’ve been unable to put up a safety rail. So the only barrier between him and the floor is a bolster and a few pillows. I guess it was an accident waiting to happen and true enough, he fell from the bed on Wednesday when he again quietly woke up from his nap and started flipping around by himself. My heart dropped when I heard a loud thud from the other room followed by his inconsolable wailing. I scooped him up and hugged him tight for the next few minutes and he managed to calm down. To my relief, I did not even find a red area on his head or body and definitely no big swollen bump on the head. We conjectured that we might have lucked out and he slid off feet/bum first down the bed. He’s been active and normal so far so I think he’s fine.

Since that evening, we decided not to take any more chances and started to let him sleep in his cot again. We were prepared for violent protests and what not, but it turned out that he now likes it and falls asleep quite well. It could be because we moved the cot right under the fan now. Unfortunately, he still wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night. I guess it was too much to hope that sleeping in the cot would change that =)


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