Having Support

My mum just visited over the weekend and I miss her already. I can imagine that if I stayed around my family, life with Calvin would actually get a whole lot easier. If nothing else, it will ease the loneliness of taking care of the baby the whole day. I can imagine passing Calvin to her for a couple of hours so I can take a breather. Heck, I can even imagine letting her put him to sleep once or twice so we can go out for a date. Ah, such wishful thinking, might as well have wished for him to just sleep through the night while I’m at it 🙂

But given that we don’t want maids, I think we’re happy with just one baby boy. I used to think that maybe he’ll get lonely without siblings but there’s no guarantee that siblings will love each other anyway. Plus I need my sanity back… I can just imagine that Calvin will grow up to be a very spirited little toddler and child, so I don’t think I’ll do him any justice by splitting my attention with yet another baby. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind in another few years. I did after all think for the longest time that I won’t get married and that I’d never have children =)


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