Yoghurt Power!

Baby Calvin didn’t seem to be putting on much weight according to our scales. A measly 250g in 2 months. We wanted to try and reschedule our appointment at KK but the earliest available date was at end Dec. Wanting to at least make sure he’s ok, we decided to bring him to another PD at East Coast road. His jabs were previously done at the Kidslink clinic at Bedok but we found the PD’s attitude to be quite blase and not thorough at all with her examination. The last time we told her about him being on milk strike, she just offhandedly told us to give him solids. At our insistence, she did a cursory check to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection which might have made him reject milk. I would think this should be a standard check because babies are very prone to ear infection.

Well, I read that this other PD is pretty old and experienced so off we went. Not sure if his scale is not calibrated properly or our digital weighing machine is not sensitive enough, but it turned out that he’s now 8kg?? So it turns out that he is fine. Developmentally, he’s somewhat on track except that he’s not really crawling yet. He can creep forward a little when he want to reach out for his toys but he’s a bit of a lazy bugger when it comes to creeping more than a little.


The PD also said I’d need to transition him to solids in order for him to get enough calories. On the other hand, I’ve read conflicting advice from the web saying that babies should be getting most of his nutrition from milk up to 1 year old and not to let solids replace milk. Or maybe it’s because he’s not being breastfed so he can’t constantly nibble and get his fill. Afterall, with a 3 hourly feed, there’s a limit to how much his tummy can hold. Plus his tummy capacity seems to be really small. I really marvel at those babies who can drink 200++ ml in one sitting.

Anyway, I came away with renewed zest to let him try more new foods. On a whim, I bought a small tub of Paul’s Natural Yoghurt. The baby Yoplait that a lot of other mummies buy is just too elusive, plus I think it’s expensive? Not sure about the price since I have never found it before. The good thing about buying plain yoghurt is that I can flavour it with any of the fruit/ veg purees.

I was a little skeptical about how receptive baby Calvin would be though since plain yoghurt is naturally sour. I remember eating the low fat ones from Marigold before and they really really taste bad. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that he loved the yoghurt. ❤ ❤ I tried a little of the leftovers and it’s actually much better than I expected. I didn’t realize that the difference can be so stark though I should have suspected that since I dislike the taste of the Marigold fresh milk as well, that the yoghurt wouldn’t suit my palate. So at least I found a good source of protein for him. He didn’t like the texture of tofu that much and I haven’t tried meats yet.

Next on my list are different grains – quinoa, oat, barley – since he seems to be sick of brown rice. I have to admit I’ve never tried quinoa myself. This whole cooking for baby business is definitely making me more domestic. Or at least it’s motivating me to try cooking different things. The main beneficiary is probably Johnny. Or maybe not. Baby food is way too healthy for his liking 🙂


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