I Can Crawl!

No, I don’t mean me but baby Calvin of course. At 8 month corrected age, baby Calvin has started crawling in earnest! When he sees something that interests him which in these days means his wet wipe box, the bottle of Ribena or the fridge, he will commando crawl over to check it out. It’s not quite the full- fledge- tummy- off- the- floor crawl but he’s definitely found a new way of getting around. Given, he still can’t go very far. In fact, when he’s tired, he still goes backwards; if the things are too far away, he’ll even give up or basically get distracted. Still, I feel so proud of my little tot for reaching a new and important milestone. Soon, I think I will be chasing him all over the place, preventing him from doing all sorts of crazy stunts like pulling on the electric cords etc. I have to give some serious thought on how to baby proof a safe crawling zone where I can leave him in for short periods.

He’s also figured out how to press the knob on the little carousel (see picture) to make it spin. And also how to make the Mozart Magic Cube play music. Or at least I assume his smacking of both things are directed and not just random whacks of fancy.


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