Baby Calvin’s First Cold

Baby Calvin caught a cold two weekends ago. This is probably the first time he has fallen sick. His nose was so runny. He hates having us wipe his nose though, so for a few days, he was going around with a line of watery snot hanging out his nose and then wiping it on his papa’s shirt when he begs to be carried. Yes, he knows how to ask to be carried now. He’ll reach out his hands and touch our hands or arms or knees, whichever is closer, when he wants to get out of his little car over dinner. Or he’ll be calling ‘ mama’,  ‘papa’, ‘ah pa’, ‘mum’ though I don’t think he really knows what they mean. Still, it’s really sweet, even though I sometimes get frustrated that I can’t get anything done when all he wants is to be carried. I guess that’s when the Ergo carrier really saves the day.

It was a pretty tough week taking care of him. His nose was blocked so he has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. So we’d have to carry him around for nap times and at night until he falls asleep. I have to admit I’m pretty weak, so carrying around this little bundle of almost 8 kg for an extended period is an impossibility.  Johnny had to take leave for two days to relieve me coz I was starting to feel truly physically exhausted. Even with two people, he was still more than a handful. Thankfully, he’s mostly recovered now even though he’s more clingy than before but I’m just so glad to have my healthy baby back!


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