11 month old!


Our little leopard crawler can crawl pretty fast now when he sees something he wants, which in this case is mainly his wet wipe box, his pacifier, the little popping car, different plastic containers of all shapes and sizes (i.e the oblong puffs container, the rectangular raisin box etc). I can almost swear that this boy is just addicted to his pacifier. He’d go to great lengths (literally) to get one in his hands, or rather mouth. The good thing is sometimes when he wakes up at night and his pacifier falls off, he will scoot his hands around to hunt for it and then put it back in. That’s one way of self-soothing I guess…


He’s been calling ‘mama’, ‘papa’, ‘baba’, ‘obama’ almost non-stop recently. I’m not sure if he realizes who/ what they mean though I’m sure some of it is him asking to be carried or for us to pay attention. Now, I just need to figure out which is which. He’s also more communicative in other ways, like making whiny little noises when he *really* need hugs, or moving his mouth to show he’s hungry, pushing away the bottle when he’s had enough or opening his mouth when he wants more. Maybe he’s just trained us well at reading his body language!

Cause and Effect

He’s a little curious bear and loves to see things happen. He knows that the light switches turns on the lights so he always wants us to go over to the switches and flip them for him. (The little switches are too hard for little hands to push). He can also push and pull the door handle of our toilet door and play peekaboo with the toilet mirror. He likes to open and close drawers, or move chairs/trolleys while he’s crawling around.

Playground Debut

He had his first ‘debut’ at the kids playground Peek-a-boo at Leisure Park yesterday. It’s free for babies under 1 year old so we went and checked it out. Unfortunately, he’s a little too young to appreciate it yet since he can’t walk yet. He seemed to have enjoyed himself people watching though. Not sure if it’s because he’s experiencing separation anxiety at the moment, but he seemed rather quiet and shy there. Maybe he’s just overwhelmed by the new place and the many many kids. Seeing him sit there quietly twirling the little beads on a bead chaser, I thought he look so forlorn amidst the rampaging toddlers and kids that my heart really go out to him. I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything, but he looked like a lonely child at the playground who has no one to play with and is looking enviously at the other kids. When he’s older, we’ll definitely bring him out more to interact with other children.


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