11 month old (Part II)

It’s funny how parents talk in a totally different language. It’s quite stunning how my life now revolves around him, milestones, poo, milk intake… words that have no meaning to me as a non-parent and things that I found to be so mundane and boring. Thank goodness I’m still staying far, far away from the dreaded word called ‘enrichment’.  He’s definitely not going for any structured classes any time soon. I just wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole. I won’t mind bringing him to a baby gym or something where he can tumble around safely though.

Anyway, I just remembered a few more things he’s been doing recently.

Pincer Grasp

I’ve been giving him Happy Baby Puffs during meal times to keep him occupied and also to try and train his pincer grasp. I thought seeing us eat would inspire him to chew as well. So far he’s still eating only puree-d food. Anything with lumps is auto-rejected or worse, he will gag and throw everything up. So far, he’s had some success putting in the little puffs into his mouth though it’s still more or less by trail and error. Most of the time he still grabs the little puffs with his fists. But hey, practice makes perfect. At least he managed to chew on them a little too.


He’s been practicing how to pull to a standing position from a sitting position…. while he’s in the bath. He’s getting quite good at putting his foot under him but definitely still needs a bit of work.


He really does take a while to warm up to his toys. Finally after so long, he’s playing with all the little toys on his exersaucer. He started with being interested only with the sunflower teether. Then gradually moving on to the others like the spinning girl, and peekaboo dog house and now the little see saw that makes sounds when he pushes on it. I’ve been buying him more new toys recently coz I think he’s getting bored with his old ones. Maybe I’m going a bit overboard. Shucks, I’ll never be a minimalist! Both me and him are definitely pack rats by nature. At least I did manage to declutter a bit by selling off some of his old stuff that he no longer uses. More funds for more toys!

Here’s a picture of the cheeky monkey

13 Oct: I'm a Cool Boy



One Response to “11 month old (Part II)”

  1. janet Says:

    little Calvin is so grown up now. such a cute boy.

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