Separation Anxiety and Another Cold?!?

Little Calvin is experiencing separation anxiety. Sometimes at night, he wakes up and won’t get pacified by his daddy. The moment I rush in and scoop him into my arms instead, he calms down and falls back asleep. Mind you, his eyes were still closed so I wonder if it’s the smell of me that he recognizes or is it the comparative softness of my hug. This gets a bit worse when he falls sick.

He’s also getting wary of strangers. If one just as much as smile at him, he’ll make an unhappy whimper or scrunch up his face and threaten with a hint of loud wailing. It’s quite funny but he has varying degrees of comfort with people. For example, he is very happy to let my father in law carry and play with him; sometimes he cries when my mother in law carries him; he doesn’t let Helen, our maid, carry him but he’ll smile at her when she talks to him while in my arms; he was upset with my auntie in law touching him even while in my arms. I guess the good thing is, this means that he has formed a strong attachment with me and Johnny.

Anyway, bad news is that he seemed to have picked up another cold? I caught him with a runny nose yesterday and have been trying to feed him with lots of water (gave him a little bit of the barley water I made also. It’s yum!) Hopefully this one won’t be as tough as the last.


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