Running Out of Ideas

Man, it’s tough to think up new things for him to eat these days. I tried brown rice porridge today but he made a very confused and upset face. I guess firstly because he has only really eaten chilled food (not my choice, he just refuse to have anything to do with warm or room temperature food…) and secondly, it’s much lumpier than what I usually feed him. He’s been quite receptive to small bits of lumpy food recently (rice, puffs, small chunks of mango, chunks of watermelon, baby biscotti) that I was getting optimistic about him accepting porridge.  Alas, despite him surprising me at how good he is at feeding himself finger food, porridge was still a no go. I guess I’ll try it again, maybe with a more watery texture next time.

Maybe I’m just tired but I find it hard to think of ways to entertain him sometimes. Especially since he is now up for longer periods. Sometimes, I feel that he is bored with being at home so we’ve been bringing him out the past few days to let him look around. His stranger anxiety seems to have improved slightly. He’s now ok with the maid carrying him for a while, granted it’s still not something she does on a regular basis. She’s busy enough with household chores anyway. Plus I’m a possessive mum. Though I have to say I’m somewhat looking forward to going back to work and taking a break from being a stay at home mum for a while.


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