Baby Calvin Is 1!

It was his birthday yesterday. As you may know, we’re not the kind who celebrates special occasions so we didn’t plan some big bash like I see so many parents doing. After all, he won’t even know what’s going on. My father in law bought a cake for him. Calvin was so upset when the adults all gathered around him and started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. In his mind, he was probably thinking ‘ What the hey is going on here?’

Maybe he does know that it was a special day coz he was squealing loudly almost the whole day. He also had his first shopping cart ride and seemed fairly ok with it.

He also loves to read/ be read to. His all time favorite is still Maisy. It’s a shame most of the Maisy books are not in board book form. He’s now an expert page turner but he’s still a bit grabby so paper pages still suffer from creases and the occasional tear. I’ve started leaving soft books in his cot and play area. Yesterday, he woke up from his afternoon nap and was happily reading his book while muttering to himself all the way.

He’s such a little monkey who likes to climb up anything. If he sees a pillow or a pack of diapers or his mummy and daddy lying on the floor, he’ll try his utmost to clamber over them instead of going around.  He can even climb up the stairs a bit. Haha I’m using that as physical activity to tire him out.

He’s been sleeping better recently after I decided to drop his last nap. He’s been able to stay up for longer hours so for the past week, he’ll wake up from his afternoon nap at 4pm and then by 8/9pm, he’ll be totally pooped out and ready to hit the sack. Somehow that seemed to have helped curb his frequent night wakings. Not that he’s not waking up at all but it’s more manageable now. His daddy is doing a good job taking care of him at night while his mama sleeps on the couch with ear plugs on >.< He’ll probably continue to wake up for a while more. Maybe if he switched to formula milk he will sleep better. Then again, he can probably start on whole cow’s milk soon, which I personally feel tastes much better than powdered milk.

I’m still pumping 6 times a day though I’m trying to drop at least the middle of the night pump now. Yes, I’ve been waking up at the ungodly hour of 4am every night. Can you imagine that I’ve done that for a year now? But that one will have to stop since I’m going back to work soon. I’ll probably try to continue pumping out whatever I can even when I start work. This guy still loves breastmilk more than anything else, though he’s a bit more receptive of this other brand of FM I’ve occasionally spiked his normal milk with. I’ve needed to supplement a bit for the past 2 months since his appetite has been increasing.

I would have liked to give him more solids but he’s just not into taking any more than what I’m giving him. His favorite food is still yoghurt so I’ve been giving him one meal of that every day. He can finish a 500ml tub of yoghurt with 2-3 jars of fruit puree every week. His other meal is still a bit of a headache though he surprised me by being quite receptive to my failed oatmeal with salmon porridge. (That just turned out to be a big gooey mess…)

I hope he had a fun time yesterday. He woke up later in the middle of the night than usual this morning — 4:45am is certainly a record for him! And that’s with only 100ml of milk before his bed time instead of his usual 160ml. I’m not counting on him repeating his performance. We’re happy enough that he wakes up just for food and not be in his inconsolable wailing phase.


3 Responses to “Baby Calvin Is 1!”

  1. e* Says:

    Congrats darling, for surviving his first year!! (and pregnancy, birthing etc.)
    Give Calvin a hug and kiss for me! btw, i’ll be back in S’pore for 2 days in December. you’ll still be staying at home and not started work yet?

  2. yanmonster Says:


    Dropped a comment in your blog. I’m only starting work in Jan but will be making a trip back to KL so my dad gets to see his little grandson. Not too sure when yet, but most likely will be from 14th-21st?

  3. e* Says:

    darling, my flight was cancelled due to snow!
    it’s really shocking how incompetent these guys are.
    it snows in winter – it shouldn’t catch them by surprise every year and cause a mayhem with everything shutting down.
    i mean, planes, trains, buses etc. continue to work in russia, alaska and all the nordic countries in winter.. why can’t it in the UK and the rest of continental europe?? arrgghhhh…
    so anyway, i won’t be back this dec 😦

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