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December 11, 2010

Since he started learning new ways to move himself, baby Calvin has been a happy camper. He can

  • leopard crawl (Expert level);
  • crawl on all fours (Amateur);
  • climb up steps and little obstacles (Intermediate);
  • pull himself up to stand (Expert);
  • cruise around holding onto support(Expert);
  • walk while holding onto a little stool (Intermediate)

But I think at the same time, the new freedom also teaches him his limits and he can get frustrated just as quickly. He’ll do a cute growl which kinda escalates into a roar pretty quickly.

His ‘vocabulary’ has been expanding as well. He’s been making bum bum bum and wah wah wah sounds which are kinda new. Did I mention that he’s really good at making raspberries at us now? ;0)


Down on your Knees

December 8, 2010

My little monster/ monkey is really climbing everywhere now. In fact, he seems to be looking for challenges. If he sees a pillow in his way, his eyes will light up while he clambers on top. He likes to climb over his daddy too. Sometimes in the middle of the night, much to our chagrin.

He has perfected his pull to stand as well, easily getting on his knees from a prone position and slowly moving on his knees, body upright, towards

his support (usually the bed, his cot or any other low lying tables and chairs). He’s also pretty good at climbing up the stairs now. With all the practice on getting on his knees, he has actually crawled on all fours occasionally though for just a few steps at a time, before reverting to his commando crawl again.

We’ve also been giving him practice on getting off the bed in reverse. Not sure if this enhanced his awareness of lateral space, but he seems to have gotten the idea that he can’t just crawl off the bed. So at least he now stops when he reaches the edge, which will give us a chance to redirect him from plunging right down. He still tries to dangle his upper body while trying to reach down for stuff though.

His routine has settled quite well recently so life at home has been quite peaceful though no less tiring. But when I think about him being in infantcare, perhaps crying his little heart out, I do feel a twinge of guilt. After all, I grew up with the privilege of being with my mum all the time. At least the one we will be enrolling him in is quite small. It’s a bit expensive but I feel better knowing that he will likely be getting quality care. I’m gonna take an extra week of leave in Jan to try and settle him in. Let’s hope that it will work out for us.

20 Nov: Me bully my papa? Nah

Bookworm in the Making

December 8, 2010

Baby Calvin loves books. We’ve been reading to him since he was a wee one even when he didn’t seem responsive to what we’ve read to him. About a month ago, we discovered that he can actually flip the pages himself. We intially thought that he was trying to close the book and was wondering why he kept closing his favorite book while we were reading it. That’s another step towards independence for him.  At least when he’s bored with the book, he can just flip through them very fast instead of getting impatient and distracted while waiting for us to be done with it; and he can linger on the pages he’s interested in. It’s kinda like being on a free and easy tour as opposed to a packaged tour 🙂

I brought him to the library last week. It’s my 3rd solo trip out with him though it’s just a quick bus ride to Bedok. But at least I can get out of the house! We got him his very own library card. I have to say I was a bit worried about how disinterested he was in those touchy, feely books initially, but now his favorite is this Maisy (yes, Maisy does it again for him) lift the flap. After the first few reads, it’s apparent that he can even remember where the flaps are. I just love to see him standing there flipping his books with serious concentration and I marvel at what a big boy he looks. Except that now, he seems to be more interested in the act of flipping more than the reading itself. We can barely even finish one sentence before he flips to the next page…