Bookworm in the Making

Baby Calvin loves books. We’ve been reading to him since he was a wee one even when he didn’t seem responsive to what we’ve read to him. About a month ago, we discovered that he can actually flip the pages himself. We intially thought that he was trying to close the book and was wondering why he kept closing his favorite book while we were reading it. That’s another step towards independence for him.  At least when he’s bored with the book, he can just flip through them very fast instead of getting impatient and distracted while waiting for us to be done with it; and he can linger on the pages he’s interested in. It’s kinda like being on a free and easy tour as opposed to a packaged tour 🙂

I brought him to the library last week. It’s my 3rd solo trip out with him though it’s just a quick bus ride to Bedok. But at least I can get out of the house! We got him his very own library card. I have to say I was a bit worried about how disinterested he was in those touchy, feely books initially, but now his favorite is this Maisy (yes, Maisy does it again for him) lift the flap. After the first few reads, it’s apparent that he can even remember where the flaps are. I just love to see him standing there flipping his books with serious concentration and I marvel at what a big boy he looks. Except that now, he seems to be more interested in the act of flipping more than the reading itself. We can barely even finish one sentence before he flips to the next page…


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