A New Start

2011 somehow sounds like it’s so far into the future but it’s actually here. I guess mentally I’m still in 2001 or something. The last 10 years seem to have gone by so fast. To think that it was 1/3 of my life lived so far. This new year will see a lot of changes to our little family – I’m going back to work; Calvin is starting day care; Johnny will have some kind of job change most likely.

We went back to Malaysia to visit my parents in Dec. The car ride to and fro was surprisingly fine. Calvin is another one of those kids who sleeps well in the car. Not surprising since we are both super sleepers who conks out quickly in moving vehicles. He slept about 2.5 of the 4 driving hours. When he was awake, he’s not too keen on staying in his car seat though which is understandable for a kid as active as him. Plus his seat gets hot from being sat on for long hours. What’s more, the sun was annoying him greatly. I was just glad that I only had to handle his monkeying for short periods =) Traffic was light as expected since we drove on weekdays both ways. We enjoyed the trip a lot. It’s a relief to have my mom take care of him so we can have a little couple time together. I mean we can actually sit down and eat at the same time!!! The food was good too. My mum knows what I like best after all. At the end of the trip, I could visibly see that my tummy was starting to grow fat….. Oh how I wish my parents stay nearby.

As of last week, Calvin really mastered hands and knees style crawling. To the extent that he prefers that now to commando crawl, except when he gets excited and really want to get somewhere fast! He’s also taken quite a few steps while pushing his wagon and holding on to our hands, but he’s definitely not ready to let go of the support right now. I’m just so proud of my little baby, even if he’s showing great biasness and being all sticky to his daddy. We conclude that he prefers guys to girls (especially aunties who googas him). He’s going through separation anxiety with his dad right now and will complain if I take over and carry him. I guess that’s good coz it’ll be easier for me to drop him at the day care since he’s not as sticky towards me.


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