Sleeping Through the Night

For the first time ever, baby Calvin slept through the night – as in from 9pm till 7am, not the 6 hour sleep that are usually considered through the night for babies. I guess this really marks the beginning of his toddlerhood =) So far, he’s done it for two nights and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will last, even though he woke up a bit earlier today.

Yesterday was his first day at day care. The teacher told us he cried a few times for short periods in the morning but at least he was able to poop and eat well. As expected, he didn’t manage to take his morning nap and only finally KO in the afternoon. We’re both glad to see that he’s relatively happy last night. He was super chatty when I picked him up, as if he was telling me all about his day. In fact, he didn’t even look very excited to see me. He gave me this ‘Oh mama, I didn’t even realize you were gone’ look. Ouch….that one whole year taking care of him and this is what I get? *dramatic sniffle* Heh heh, I’m just glad he seems to be enjoying himself. In fact, this morning, he didn’t fuss at all when the teacher took over and carried him in so he must have had a good enough time there. All’s well at least. I look forward to having our first real date this week while he’s in daycare 😛


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