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The KKH Effect

February 27, 2011

We have this theory that is probably more myth than fact – Every time he comes back from a checkup, he will ‘power up’ and show significant leaps in terms of milestones. This kinda started when he went for an eye examination to make sure he does not have ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). The procedure sounds pretty disturbing to us but they basically prop his eyelids open with some device and examine it. Prior to that checkup, I was actually worried that he doesn’t really cry and well, guess it was a traumatizing trip to the hospital for him coz he cried badly while they held him down for the examination and seemed to have found his voice thereafter.

This time round, he was extra vocal and chatty from the day we came back from his checkup. Maybe he was outraged that the doctor prodded his genital area (checking for hernia) coz he certainly refused to stay in the doctor’s room after that.

Today also saw quite a few firsts for him. He finally figured out how to play with his Tiny Love Musical Stack and Play. He can put the balls into the tube, which triggers the music to play. He is also able to stack the rings onto the cone (in whichever order I hand him the rings). He also found out how the Mozart Magic Cube works and was happily pressing the buttons to start and stop the music.

And lastly, he knows how to pass an item in his hand and give it to his daddy when requested. Of course when I asked  him to give it to me, he just threw the tube of diaper cream at my ankle. Owww…… double standards!

On the doctor’s advice, I’ve been giving him cheese as snack more frequently now. We bought a nice chunk of Monterey Jack which I grated. He seems to really like it. Maybe because he sees us enjoying it too 🙂 He is getting to the age where he likes to imitate us. I’m also trying to give him beef porridge to literally beef him up. He’s still not eating the school’s porridge so I’m cooking all his meals. Man, so much work, so little time!

He also really enjoys playing with the little steering wheels at the playground. We bought him to one of the playgrounds at T3 but he was fussy after a while. We suspect it was because he’s most like teething some little molars which are supposed to be more painful than the others.

*The post turned out a bit eclectic but that’s coz my mind is kinda shutting down. Really need to go sleep now before I turn into a zombie tomorrow.


15 Months Old

February 24, 2011

Life has been hectic and there’s very little me time as it is. And despite that, I still sometimes feel like there is more that I could do for my little Calvin that I’m not doing and it makes me feel like I’m a lousy mom. I guess part of that is because he seems to be lagging behind in the major milestones.

  • Flipping at 3 month CA
  • Sitting up w/o support at 5 month CA
  • Leopard crawling at 9 month CA, crawling on fours at 11 month
  • Pull to standing position at 10 month CA

His gross motor seems to be ok. His day care teacher was saying they were concerned that he wasn’t walking yet but I think he’s fine. I’m more worried about his social development.

What he isn’t doing yet that other kids do:

  • Wave goodbye
  • Say ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ to the correct parent
  • Pincer grasp (can’t believe after all those months of puff eating, still no pincer grasp!)
  • Walk
  • Point at things that interest him
  • Follow simple instructions

What he can do:

  • Play hide and seek. Mainly we hide and he seek
  • Put things into containers. So far it’s the tennis balls into its canister
  • Has temper tantrums when frustrated. Over the weekend, he threw a totally classic tantrum – flop backwards from sitting position (I was there to catch him), flailing his arms and kicking his legs. Pretty amusing to watch 🙂
  • Turns the pages of a book
  • Peek out through ‘holes’ in the book


His PD at KKH says he’s pretty on track in terms of milestones as of now when we voiced our concerns about those things that he’s unable to do now. I guess we’ll monitor and continue to encourage him to talk and interact with us. Recently he’s been a really chirpy and chatty baby so that kinda puts me at ease a little.

Coping as a Working Mom

February 9, 2011

Slowly, I feel that I’m getting into the rhythm of work life again. Surprisingly, I feel quite at ease in this new area of work. My day is packed full with work. I’ve not even spent more than 10 mins a day checking my personal email. Work can be filled with quite mundane admin tasks sometimes but I feel strangely satisfied (at least for now). Perhaps looking at work as something I can stop when I want to, makes a difference. The lack of freedom to choose makes you feel pegged in. It also helps that my boss is a patient and nice guy. It’s not very stressful per se and I make it a point to leave on time since I have to pick up Calvin. Or maybe I’m just older and my perspective as a parent has changed me.

I’m starting to feel the strain of not having enough sleep though. Between work
and taking care of Calvin, there isn’t much time to even sleep, much less time for myself. It’s like I’m made up of mainly the mother portion, an equally big employee portion, a small dash of wifey-ness (greatly diminished from before) and almost no more ‘me’. I’m really seriously considering stopping my moo moo-ing business since it’s eroding on my quality of life. Today, I feel a little sick again – my throat is sore and I had a bit of fever. I’m not sure if the fever is related to exhaustion but when I manage to lie down and shut my eyes for 10 mins, the high temperature will subside. Well, that’s all I can manage for now. I’m trying to catch a little more sleep tonight and try and recover.