Coping as a Working Mom

Slowly, I feel that I’m getting into the rhythm of work life again. Surprisingly, I feel quite at ease in this new area of work. My day is packed full with work. I’ve not even spent more than 10 mins a day checking my personal email. Work can be filled with quite mundane admin tasks sometimes but I feel strangely satisfied (at least for now). Perhaps looking at work as something I can stop when I want to, makes a difference. The lack of freedom to choose makes you feel pegged in. It also helps that my boss is a patient and nice guy. It’s not very stressful per se and I make it a point to leave on time since I have to pick up Calvin. Or maybe I’m just older and my perspective as a parent has changed me.

I’m starting to feel the strain of not having enough sleep though. Between work
and taking care of Calvin, there isn’t much time to even sleep, much less time for myself. It’s like I’m made up of mainly the mother portion, an equally big employee portion, a small dash of wifey-ness (greatly diminished from before) and almost no more ‘me’. I’m really seriously considering stopping my moo moo-ing business since it’s eroding on my quality of life. Today, I feel a little sick again – my throat is sore and I had a bit of fever. I’m not sure if the fever is related to exhaustion but when I manage to lie down and shut my eyes for 10 mins, the high temperature will subside. Well, that’s all I can manage for now. I’m trying to catch a little more sleep tonight and try and recover.

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