Calvin’s communication skills has improved vastly over the past few weeks. He knows how to use gestures and words to get our attention and attempt to tell us what he wants. I really love the way he grabs our hand to give us some container of food that he wants us to open for him. He will also raise his arms up to indicate he wants to be carried. It’s great to see that satisfied grin on his face that says ‘You got what I meant’.

Even though I’m still worried that he’s a little slow on the development curve, I’m very happy with his progress. Being able to communicate makes him feel so much more like a little boy. In the end, I guess that’s what gives us a deeper connection as humans.

He has really grown so quickly in the past few months especially when I remember that he was just barely able to crawl commando style when he started daycare in January.

While I’m apprehensive about being able to handle life as a stay at home mum abroad, I’m also looking forward to being able to spend time with him when he needs his parents most.


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