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Explosion of Words & Walking

May 26, 2011

Little Calvin has been picking up a lot of words recently. It’s like some part of his brain just went ‘click’ and many things started to fall into place. He’s been picking up a lot of new words all of the a sudden. New ones that he can say are:

  • 11. Button       (‘Bah *mumble*’)
  • 12. Apple         (‘Ba ple’)
  • 13. Truck        (‘kuak’)
  • 14. Pop            (in reference to bubbles and one book where Eddie the elephant ‘pops’ out)
  • 15. Cat
  • 16. Cup            (when he wants the water from it)
  • 17. Walk/ Gai gai  (‘Ga ga’)
  • 18. Baby

He can now stand unassisted and has been quite eager to practice walking. When he sees another ledge that he wants to get to, he’ll hold out his hand, waiting for us to lead him over. Maybe the weekly sessions at the swimming pool has helped improved his balance and confidence. So I may still win my bet yet – 6 more days to go!

What the Future Holds

May 26, 2011

When I seriously thought about it, it dawned on me how out of the ordinary it is for us to just up and decide to move to another country where he’ll study and I’m basically a homemaker with a young child, and limited options for part time work. It’s a big change in lifestyle and a lot of economic sacrifice. But it also opens up many more paths for our future rather than the staid Singapore story that we were slowly being corralled into. I’d rather have tried and failed than to live a mediocre life and being too afraid to stray from the well trodden path.

Right now, I feel very hopeful about our future and what it may bring. I feel like I did when I was 18 and wondering where I’ll be in the next 10 years (the answer to that was ‘In Singapore, paying back my bond and still just as unsure of where I’m heading’).  Of course, now that we have a little one to think about, I am conscious that the decisions we make affect his future too.

We are both very glad to have the opportunity to spend more time with him in the coming year. Even when I was younger and adamantly decided I didn’t really want kids, I always thought that if I ever do, I would want to be able to spend time educating him. If I wasn’t going to play a big part molding him and teaching him, what was the point of having a child at all? I’m certainly not keen to have other people, be they teachers or daycare part timers or maids, imprint their own values on him especially since I know I have principles I feel strongly about and a very different set of values and priorities compared to other people.

A lot of people seem to think I should continue to work when I’m overseas. I guess it’s somewhat a waste of good education to not be utilizing it (do I really make use of any of my education at work in the first place? Hmm……maybe only excel skills). On the bright side, I didn’t spend a single cent of my parents’ hard earned money on it since secondary school 😀 To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what I want to do next as well. So I’ll take this time as a sabbatical and gather my thoughts (if that can be done with a rambunctious toddler around).

18 months old

May 17, 2011

It’s kinda amazing to think that Calvin will be turning 18 months soon. He’s still not interested in walking which is a bit worrying, but at least his verbal development is improving. Other words that he knows:

Bird (‘bert’)

Bye bye (‘Buh bye’)

Since he started feeding himself, he’s been easier to handle during meal times. Today we were able to bring him out to a restaurant for dim sum and he managed to sit through half of it before being bored/tired (coz he woke up at 5am and his morning nap was short). He’s been really into meat recently. His new favorite is prawns. And he’d choose duck and even tofu over carrots/ apples which he liked a lot previously. Maybe this is the ‘fad’ diet phase. He also really likes watermelon as well. I wonder if he inherits food preferences from me as well because these are things I really love as a child. He’s been really hungry recently and feels a lot heftier than before. I’m pretty sure he’s hit 9kg now. That’s probably still a far cry from most kids his age but I’m just happy to see him grow. I’m racking my brain to think of new food that he can self feed himself so he can get a variety of food throughout the week.

He also seems to enjoy his music. When he heard the music from one of toys, he started to rock back and forth smiling. And of course, Kindermusic day at school is his favorite.

I introduced some new toys to him that he seemed to enjoy. Like a ‘coin’ box (made from an empty milk powder container) that he can put jar lids in; clothes pegs that I clip together for him to take apart; a ‘sandbox’ made from red beans and a toyogo box.

Today, he even let me guide his hand into scooping up some oatmeal and putting it in his mouth. Usually he hates it when I try hold his hand to help him do things he isn’t doing the right way. I guess it’ll be a while before he learns how to use a spoon proper. Maybe I should start with a fork instead.

Calvin can Speak

May 15, 2011

He knows quite a few words now though his pronunciation still needs work.

Ball (‘Boh’)
Bus (‘Bah’)
Eat/ food (‘Mum mum’)
Bubble (‘ba buh’)

He also understands words like ‘Give’, ‘Sit’. More importantly, he knows how to use gestures, pointing, grunting and words to express what he wants. He’s been badgering me for his bubbles every day! He’ll give us the tupperware with puffs so we’ll open it for him. He says ‘car car’ when he wants to go on his stroller to go out/ go somewhere else.

Recently, it seemed like he didn’t want to be fed anymore so we decided to let him self feed everything from his own Ikea bowl and viola! he actually ate much more than I expected and was also able to sit for quite a while during meals.

Today, we brought him out to Changi Airport T3 and he had a great time. For once, I was also able to eat a meal with him in my lap. He was happily fiddling with the spare set of spoon and eating the chunks of apple, carrots and tomato that I brought along. He played at the little playground as well and went looking at his latest favorite – Chuggintons! It was a good outing, we haven’t been able to bring him out easily for a while especially since he’s been sick. Granted he’s coughing and having a drippy nose now but it sure beats the lethargic stomach flu he’s had in the past.

Calvin’s First Tantrum(s)

May 6, 2011

So he’s reached the age where he starts to throw those infamous tantrums. Granted, it’s because he wasn’t feeling well but we definitely had a taste of what’s to come.

He was sick the whole of last Friday till this Monday. First he had a high fever, followed by diarrhoea and gassiness and today he suddenly broke out in rashes all over his body and face. I suspect it’s roseola, which is ok since his rashes doesn’t seem to bother him all. Over the weekend, he was uber clingy towards his daddy, but even when Johnny was carrying him, he would struggle and cry. Most likely his tummy ached from all the gas build up. He was totally implacable. He would wail and squirm regardless of what we did: distract, cajole, bribe, carry around etc.

So we ended up putting him down on his mattress and let him kick and wail in a safe place and get the frustration out of his system. We just sat around and read books and miraculously he did manage to calm himself down after a while and he was just so cheerful after that. At least until the next wave of tummyaches comes around. =(