Calvin’s First Tantrum(s)

So he’s reached the age where he starts to throw those infamous tantrums. Granted, it’s because he wasn’t feeling well but we definitely had a taste of what’s to come.

He was sick the whole of last Friday till this Monday. First he had a high fever, followed by diarrhoea and gassiness and today he suddenly broke out in rashes all over his body and face. I suspect it’s roseola, which is ok since his rashes doesn’t seem to bother him all. Over the weekend, he was uber clingy towards his daddy, but even when Johnny was carrying him, he would struggle and cry. Most likely his tummy ached from all the gas build up. He was totally implacable. He would wail and squirm regardless of what we did: distract, cajole, bribe, carry around etc.

So we ended up putting him down on his mattress and let him kick and wail in a safe place and get the frustration out of his system. We just sat around and read books and miraculously he did manage to calm himself down after a while and he was just so cheerful after that. At least until the next wave of tummyaches comes around. =(


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