Calvin can Speak

He knows quite a few words now though his pronunciation still needs work.

Ball (‘Boh’)
Bus (‘Bah’)
Eat/ food (‘Mum mum’)
Bubble (‘ba buh’)

He also understands words like ‘Give’, ‘Sit’. More importantly, he knows how to use gestures, pointing, grunting and words to express what he wants. He’s been badgering me for his bubbles every day! He’ll give us the tupperware with puffs so we’ll open it for him. He says ‘car car’ when he wants to go on his stroller to go out/ go somewhere else.

Recently, it seemed like he didn’t want to be fed anymore so we decided to let him self feed everything from his own Ikea bowl and viola! he actually ate much more than I expected and was also able to sit for quite a while during meals.

Today, we brought him out to Changi Airport T3 and he had a great time. For once, I was also able to eat a meal with him in my lap. He was happily fiddling with the spare set of spoon and eating the chunks of apple, carrots and tomato that I brought along. He played at the little playground as well and went looking at his latest favorite – Chuggintons! It was a good outing, we haven’t been able to bring him out easily for a while especially since he’s been sick. Granted he’s coughing and having a drippy nose now but it sure beats the lethargic stomach flu he’s had in the past.


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