18 months old

It’s kinda amazing to think that Calvin will be turning 18 months soon. He’s still not interested in walking which is a bit worrying, but at least his verbal development is improving. Other words that he knows:

Bird (‘bert’)

Bye bye (‘Buh bye’)

Since he started feeding himself, he’s been easier to handle during meal times. Today we were able to bring him out to a restaurant for dim sum and he managed to sit through half of it before being bored/tired (coz he woke up at 5am and his morning nap was short). He’s been really into meat recently. His new favorite is prawns. And he’d choose duck and even tofu over carrots/ apples which he liked a lot previously. Maybe this is the ‘fad’ diet phase. He also really likes watermelon as well. I wonder if he inherits food preferences from me as well because these are things I really love as a child. He’s been really hungry recently and feels a lot heftier than before. I’m pretty sure he’s hit 9kg now. That’s probably still a far cry from most kids his age but I’m just happy to see him grow. I’m racking my brain to think of new food that he can self feed himself so he can get a variety of food throughout the week.

He also seems to enjoy his music. When he heard the music from one of toys, he started to rock back and forth smiling. And of course, Kindermusic day at school is his favorite.

I introduced some new toys to him that he seemed to enjoy. Like a ‘coin’ box (made from an empty milk powder container) that he can put jar lids in; clothes pegs that I clip together for him to take apart; a ‘sandbox’ made from red beans and a toyogo box.

Today, he even let me guide his hand into scooping up some oatmeal and putting it in his mouth. Usually he hates it when I try hold his hand to help him do things he isn’t doing the right way. I guess it’ll be a while before he learns how to use a spoon proper. Maybe I should start with a fork instead.


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