Explosion of Words & Walking

Little Calvin has been picking up a lot of words recently. It’s like some part of his brain just went ‘click’ and many things started to fall into place. He’s been picking up a lot of new words all of the a sudden. New ones that he can say are:

  • 11. Button       (‘Bah *mumble*’)
  • 12. Apple         (‘Ba ple’)
  • 13. Truck        (‘kuak’)
  • 14. Pop            (in reference to bubbles and one book where Eddie the elephant ‘pops’ out)
  • 15. Cat
  • 16. Cup            (when he wants the water from it)
  • 17. Walk/ Gai gai  (‘Ga ga’)
  • 18. Baby

He can now stand unassisted and has been quite eager to practice walking. When he sees another ledge that he wants to get to, he’ll hold out his hand, waiting for us to lead him over. Maybe the weekly sessions at the swimming pool has helped improved his balance and confidence. So I may still win my bet yet – 6 more days to go!


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